• No Dunking Way

    No Dunking Way

    Harvey Updyke is like a bad penny.  We have no idea what a bad penny is, but we know that according to the adage it keeps turning up.  So does Harvey.  He’s the unwanted houseguest who just won’t go away.
    According [...]

  • Where There’s Fire, There’s Fire

    Where There’s Fire, There’s Fire

    Another day, another in an ever expanding string of so-called “isolated incidents.”
    As individual bricks, each may not amount to much but when viewed collectively, they build an impressive monument to malfeasance.
    As crickets chirped and verbal violins rhapsodized over the plight [...]

  • Paging Dr. Gogue

    Paging Dr. Gogue

    We at the Never to Yield foundation have seen a growing trend of a good old boy network in the leadership postions at our beloved Auburn University.  Specifically the Athletics Department.  We have posted our own thoughts on who might [...]

  • Turn them on

    Turn them on

    February 10, 2012 — So you’re sick of the hillbilly gang war on the Finebaum show in the afternoons. You’ve had enough of Paul’s infantile snickering and innuendo. You don’t want to hear one more snide comment ooze from the [...]

  • Why take on the Cult of Updyke?

    Why take on the Cult of Updyke?

    The reaction to yesterday’s Never to Yield Foundation column on The Cult of Updyke was predictable. It was so predictable we could almost have scripted the responses in advance.  There was the expected support and the anticipated derision.  We braced [...]


BIAS Watch

Updated with new information September 3, 2014
Bias Watch

If you see something, say something.

If you see an incident of biased reporting, unjustified negativity or erroneous information from any state, local or national media source, let us know. We will be cataloging the incidents in our special Bias Watch section.

Contact us at info@nevertoyieldfoundation.com to report bias when and where you find it.


About the Never to Yield Foundation

War Eagle and Welcome!

The Never To Yield Foundation is established to promote the positive image of Auburn University, its students, its alumni and its fans. The Foundation celebrates the Auburn spirit and is dedicated to providing a place for the Auburn family to connect and share our collective and individual successes. Our secondary mission is to help combat the negativity that is directed at Auburn by its detractors, by the media and by anyone else who seeks to do our family harm.

If you love Auburn and what the Auburn spirit represents, we hope you'll join us. Share your thoughts, your experiences, your concerns and your appreciation for Auburn by emailing us here.

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