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  • The Big Hurt: Hall of Famer

    The Big Hurt: Hall of Famer

    When Frank Thomas was inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame last week he established a number of firsts.  
    Thomas became the first player from the Southeastern Conference to be inaugurated into the Hall. That’s a stunning fact considering [...]

  • Hot For Teacher

    Hot For Teacher

    You’re all here in summer school because your grades were horrendous.  I’ve reviewed your exit exams and apparently it’s time for a little remedial math lesson for the Birmingham News staff.  Mr. Scarbinsky, please take a seat in [...]

  • Philip Lutzenkirchen, 1991-2014

    Philip Lutzenkirchen, 1991-2014

    Auburn Man.
    It’s a term those of us affiliated with the Auburn family by birth, marriage or choice toss around with regularity. It’s how we hope to be defined, it’s the dignity we all too often fall short of displaying, it’s [...]

  • D-Day: A New Day

    D-Day: A New Day

    The NFL’s Draft Day hasn’t meant much to the Auburn Tigers over the last few years. That should change in a significant way today. 
    Since setting an SEC record with four players (Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown, Carlos Rogers and Jason Campbell) [...]

  • David Langner, 1952-2014

    David Langner, 1952-2014

    April 26, 2014 – Auburn football legend David Langner died Saturday at the age of 62 after a long battle with cancer. Langner may be gone, but his memory will live on forever in the annals of Auburn history.
    Those of [...]


BIAS Watch

Updated with new information September 3, 2014
Bias Watch

If you see something, say something.

If you see an incident of biased reporting, unjustified negativity or erroneous information from any state, local or national media source, let us know. We will be cataloging the incidents in our special Bias Watch section.

Contact us at to report bias when and where you find it.


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War Eagle and Welcome!

The Never To Yield Foundation is established to promote the positive image of Auburn University, its students, its alumni and its fans. The Foundation celebrates the Auburn spirit and is dedicated to providing a place for the Auburn family to connect and share our collective and individual successes. Our secondary mission is to help combat the negativity that is directed at Auburn by its detractors, by the media and by anyone else who seeks to do our family harm.

If you love Auburn and what the Auburn spirit represents, we hope you'll join us. Share your thoughts, your experiences, your concerns and your appreciation for Auburn by emailing us here.

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