Is there bias in the steady stream of pro Alabama/anti Auburn rhetoric that emanates daily from state, local and national news outlets?   The following are examples that we believe help build the case that a persistent bias does, in fact, exist.  As incidents are reported, they will be added. 

Missing the obvious September 3, 2014 The War Eagle Reader caught our friends at ESPN failing to recognize something even a non-human could see– assuming Siri isn’t a real live girl, that is.

The Perpetual Flipping Stories August 25, 2014 Yet another “Alabama is trying to take Auburn’s recruits” story in a long line of Alabama is trying to flip Auburn’s recruits stories from the writers at Where are the reports of Alabama recruits that Auburn (or any other team) is trying to nab? Those never seem to make the news.

Schlabah’s baseless accusations
August 21, 2014 ESPN’s Mark Slabach found it amusing that Harvey Updyke might appear at a charity event where he would be dunked or hit with pies. When the event organizer rescinded his invitation to Updyke in the wake of a negative backlash, Slabach cited “death threats” allegedly made toward AJ McCarron’s mother DeeDee Bonner. The alleged “death threats” were never provided. We were unable to locate a single tweet, post or public comment made to Bonner of that nature. But Slabach had no qualms in defaming Auburn fans with his baseless accusations. Just another example in a lengthy list of small offenses by ESPN and its SEC Network.

Scarbinsky’s pointless riff
August 13, 2014 - columnist Kevin Scarbinsky posted a column ridiculing Auburn fans as Debbie Downers who look for negatives in the positives.  He based his column on the notion that fans who witnessed a spectacular catch by wideout Duke Williams in practice focused instead on blown coverages, missed assignments and shaky quarterback technique. Along the way he snuck in jabs about the program “tripping over its own feet.”  Bogus. The only reaction by Auburn fans we’re aware of was one of excitement. Contact Kevin Scarbinsky:| Plays Up Alabama Angle in Report on Auburn Documentary
August 9, 2014 - The SEC Network is filming a documentary on Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley and Frank Thomas, three Auburn icons and three stalwart Auburn ambassadors. In the Heisman Trophy winner, NBA Hall of Famer and Major League Hall of Famer there has perhaps never been a greater convergence of talent at any SEC school. All have been vocal and public in their support of all things Auburn.  Yet in his preview if the upcoming documentary, writer Brandon Marcello grabs onto one insignificant throwaway line as his centerpiece, contending that Barkley “wasn’t always in love with Auburn” due to a brief argument he had with coach Sonny Smith. Marcello also opines that the film starts “oddly enough” with the trio meeting at the 2013 Iron Bowl. What’s odd about three of the greatest talents in Auburn history being at the annual rivalry?  Nothing unless you’re  Contact Brandon Marcello:

If you see something, say something.  Report incidents of bias from any media outlet to us and we’ll feature as many of them as  possible here.  Send your information to