cam_katyYou weren’t blessed with extraordinary athletic talent.  You can’t throw a football with laser-like precision. You don’t have the grace to run like a gazelle.

You’re not going to be an NFL quarterback. You’re not going to be on the cover of GQ. You aren’t going to grace billboards in Times Square. Katy Perry does not want to have her picture made with you. Ever.

Let’s face it. You don’t even have a megawatt smile, the kind of unassuming, infectious, self-assured grin that melts hearts.

Don’t despair. Now at least you can dress like somebody who has all that and more.

Former Auburn quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner, number one draft pick, record-setting rookie and NFL All Pro Cam Newton has all those things that you don’t. He’s got the rocket arm, the churning legs, the endorsement contracts, the billboards. He can turn the world on with his smile.

He’s also got a new line of clothing that debuted April 9 at Belk Department Stores.  So while you can’t be Cam Newton,  you can now follow in his fashion footsteps.

MADE by Cam Newton features a wide variety of clothing for men including t-shirts, shorts, blazers, casual pants, dress suits, vests and ties.

The clothing line reflects his own particular style.

Newton didn’t just lend his name to a designer, he was directly involved in every aspect of creating the clothing line from choosing the color schemes to selecting the material.

In an April 9 interview with Esquire Magazine’s Style Blog  Newton said he took ownership of the process.

From the very first meeting I had with the folks at Belk, I told them that I did not just want to put my name on something and allow someone else to handle the logistics. I wanted this line to be everything that I wanted it to be, from start to finish. And that’s what we did. Everything from deciding the color schemes to the patterns — all of it. 

Newton’s line features basic blacks and khakis but also highlights bright pastel colors including chinos and shorts in colors ranging from coral to blue topaz to white; shirts in various colors and patterns; and blazers in a multitude of colors.

MADE by Cam Newton suits and sportcoats are streamlined and well-tailored. Polos and t-shirts feature classic, simple lines. Ties in the MADE line are bold without being ostentatious.

The most impressive feature of the MADE line is its affordability. MADE offers a stylish look for a modest price. Blazers can be purchased for around $100, ties are in the $25 range and polos come in at $40 or less. 

“That’s something I am very proud of, the versatility,” Newton told Esquire.  ”I wanted there to be something for everyone — whether you need a suit for a formal dinner or date, or a more professional suit for a work event, we have it. Or if you just want to lay around and kick it with your homeboys, there are great casual pieces as well. And everything is at a very accessible price, which is something that’s very important to me.”

So maybe you’re not going to win the Heisman. You’re not going to be NFL Rookie of the Year.  No matter.

Thanks to Cam Newton and the MADE clothing line you can still look like a million bucks (or $180,000 if you’re from Mississippi).


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