We at the Never to Yield foundation have seen a growing trend of a good old boy network in the leadership postions at our beloved Auburn University.  Specifically the Athletics Department.  We have posted our own thoughts on who might be to blame (All Out?).  As many of you vote today, in hopes of new change, we also feel that change is needed at the AD position. It is time for a new leader.

We ask that if you feel the same way we do that you email President Jay Gogue (jgogue@auburn.edu) and ask him to make the right decision for Auburn University.

We will leave you with this.

Auburn currently ranks third in the SEC in spending for the four revenue-generating sports (football, men’s and women’s basketball and baseball) during Jacob’s eight-year tenure.

The combined average place of finish for the Tigers among those sports was eighth. Something isn’t right and it’s not just in the football office.


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