Did WZZN radio host Scott Moore lie? His claims of tapes that incriminate Auburn and Cam Newton have been debunked. Scott Moore is an Alabama fan. His sole purpose is to boost ratings for his show and hurt Auburn in the process. It’s time to stand up against these kind of attacks.

In the battle against Auburn currently being waged by  Moore and his WZZN co-host William “Redfish” Barger, they are enabled by their advertisers. The companies and individuals who sponsor their show provide them the means and the platform to spew their transparent agenda designed to damage Auburn in any way possible.

Without the advertisers, Moore and Barger’s show could not survive.

Cut off their supply line.

We ask the Auburn Family and the Never to Yield Foundation to call, write or email the advertisers of WZZN and demand an apology for Moore’s vicious accusations.

Campaign has been completed….


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