April 8, 2011 — Since early October, the Auburn family has been under non-stop attack on several fronts.  Unsubstantiated allegation, the constant repetition of inaccuracies, outlandish claims and thinly veiled rumor helped build a house of cards, an illusion — a perception — based on little more than internet babble.

On Thursday, Alabama fans got a tiny taste of the same when Jeffery Lee, a writer for AuburnSports.com (part of the Rivals Network) went public with allegations surrounding the recruitment of Alabama signee Brent Calloway, who was at various times verbally committed to both Alabama and Auburn.

Lee’s allegations were specific in terms of the actions, but failed to name individuals. Lee promised to provide further illumination at a later date.

The response from Tide supporters was predictable and laughably ironic.

“Where is the proof,” many outraged fans demanded.

Curiously when Auburn fans asked for proof — proof that was never provided — in regard to any of the scurrilous allegations made by media members, by HBO and by others in regard to Auburn those demands fell on deaf ears.  It was said, therefore it must be true.

Now that shoe no longer fits.

When ex radio host Scott Moore made the rounds spouting off about tapes and allegedly damning conversations, he had the opportunity to back up his claims by providing substance.  He failed to do so.

In a disturbingly hate-filled screed someone confirmed to be Moore posted on a wackadoo fringe Alabama site in the wake of his ouster from WZZN,  the ex radio host claimed that the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama was “war” and that he was a soldier on the front lines.

Ridiculous.  And overly dramatic.

Is that what Auburn and Alabama fans truly want?  War?  Do we really want to spend all of our collective time and energy throwing trash at each other, hoping that enough will stick to the other side to cause its eventual destruction?

The very reason the Never to Yield Foundation was created was in part to defend against the constant barrage of unsubstantiated and bogus attacks that have been leveled at Auburn since the moment it became apparent that Cam Newton had the potential to win the Heisman and lead Auburn to the national title.

We are not afraid of the truth.  We want the truth to be told, whatever that might be.

We hope that Jeffery Lee has credible information to back up his allegations, not because we wish any harm on the University of Alabama or its athletic programs, but because we understand what it’s like to live under the cloud of a campaign of lies.

We wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemy.




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