Press story from WAAY-TV 31 in Huntsville, Alabama.  About the Never to Yield Foundations involvement in the Scott Moore WZZN Radio situation.



Radio Host “Parts Ways” After Tapes Controversy

Following a bold claim by former radio host, Scott Moore, the newly created Never to Yield Foundation began a campaign to voice it’s displeasure with 97.7 “The Zone”. The organization called for Auburn fans to send letters and phone calls to the radio station and its sponsors.

Cole Cubelic hosts the station’s morning sports talk show, “The Cole Cubelic Show”. He says, “The amount of feedback from a negative standpoint has been a little bit overwhelming.”

The negative feedback stems from Moore’s claim that “the tapes” indicate Cam Newton was present when an alleged pay for play scheme was discussed. Those claims have been proven false. Moore confirmed that information in an interview last week on Cubelic’s show.

“He was generous enough to grant me an interview, and I asked him point blank, did you hear Cam Newton’s voice on the tape? And he said no,” says Cubelic. He had hoped that interview cleared the air, but some people didn’t see it that way. The emails continued to pour in.

On its website, the radio station posted a statement about “the tapes”. It read in part, “Contrary to rumor, these tapes will not be played on 97.7 “The Zone” without the tapes being fully authenticated.

The tapes were never played and Moore is no longer listed on the 97.7 website as a host. Cubelic says Moore and the station decided to part ways. And, despite what Cubelic describes as misguided criticism of 97.7, he says the station is heading in the right direction.

“I think the station only has room for improvement. You learn from your mistakes, if this is qualified as a mistake, we’ll learn from it, we’ll go with it,” says Cubelic.



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