April 21, 2011 — Since the Never to Yield Foundation was formed in February of 2011, we’ve received a number of questions via our email address (info@nevertoyieldfoundation.com) and also heard our organization extensively discussed (and wildly misconstrued) on local and national sports talk radio.  With this article we address some of the most common questions and misconceptions about who we are and what we hope to accomplish.

1) How do you join the Never to Yield Foundation?

The Never to Yield Foundation is a grassroots organization of people who love and appreciate what Auburn is and what it stands for.  There is no official membership, per se.  Follow us on Facebook. Contribute to the discussions on our site.  Encourage other Auburn friends and fans to do the same. The more involvement we have, the stronger our voice becomes.

2) Can you contribute to the Never to Yield Foundation?

We greatly appreciate that many of you so passionately support our mission that you’ve asked to contribute financially, but we are not soliciting nor we are not accepting donations at this time.  Your time, interest and support is the greatest contribution that can be made.

3) What can I do to help?

The best way to help is to be involved. Encourage your friends and neighbors to follow us.   If you are aware of an issue that you believe warrants attention, let us know via email or on our Facebook page.  We welcome your feedback.

4) Is the Never to Yield Foundation officially endorsed by Auburn University?

No. We are a group of fans, friends, students and alumni who are united in a common cause.  We are not officially affiliated with Auburn University or its administration.

5) Who runs the Never to Yield Foundation?

No one individual directs the Foundation.  The Foundation was originally formed by a collective of fans, friends and alumni in response to the relentless barrage of negative (and largely baseless) attacks on Auburn in the media.  We believe it is important for the Auburn Family to have a voice that isn’t invested in spreading negative propaganda.  Foundation decisions — from the issues we choose to promote to the articles we post on our site — are made as a group.

6) Why doesn’t the Foundation put the author’s or member’s names on the pieces on the site?

We want our message to be the primary focus, not the messenger.  Identifying the founding members or listing the various writers who have contributed to our site only provides opportunity to attack the messenger. This results in an effort to obscure the message by those who seem unnaturally obsessed with discrediting what we do.  We want the focus to be on what we say not who said it.  Our founding members include engineers, lawyers, business owners, doctors, salesmen, students, CEOs,CIOs and representatives from nearly all walks of life.  We are united in one common goal — the promotion and defense of Auburn. Our message is the story, not our members.

7) Why won’t the Foundation go on the Paul Finebaum Show or one of the other radio shows and defend itself?

Our decision not to do interviews at this point is based on the same concept as not listing members or writers.  We want our message to be heard. We don’t want to get into a debate over individual personalities.  We’ve seen what happens. Opponents are always more interested in discrediting the messenger than they are in actually hearing the message.  It is our considered decision to remain focused on the message.  We have had preliminary discussions with one reporter/broadcaster and if the time comes that we choose to do interviews we will work through him initially.

8 ) I tried to post comments on the Never To Yield Foundation’s site and my comments never appeared. Why?

We monitor the comments carefully.  Comments must be approved before appearing on the site. We don’t want this site — or our Facebook page — to devolve into yet another back and forth bashing contest between Alabama (or Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, etc.) fans and Auburn fans.  There are already more than enough of those. If that’s your interest, it won’t be found here.  Comments we deem purposely inflammatory, comments that contain threats, comments that are counter to our goals, comments that contain profanity or that we consider purely argumentative are removed from the queue.  If you feel your comment was taken out of context and would like us to reconsider, please email us and let us know.

9) What is the Foundation’s position on the Brent Calloway situation?

A:  We have no position on it.  This organization was formed to promote and defend Auburn. Despite what a few raging message board gurus would have you to believe, Auburn success is not in direct conflict with success at Alabama.  As hard as it may be for some to believe, we, like the vast majority of Auburn fans don’t care at all what happens at Alabama unless it directly impacts Auburn. When it comes to the issues with the recruitment of Calloway, that’s not our arena and we have no part or stake in it.

10) Isn’t Jeffrey Lee a member of the Foundation?

No. Mr. Lee is a writer for AuburnSports.com.  None of our founding members know him personally and to the best of our knowledge, none have spoken to Mr. Lee.

11) What about Phillip Marshall or any of the other Auburn writers and sites?  Are they part of the Foundation?

No. The Foundation is completely independent of all other sites and we have no official relationship with any of their prominent writers or bloggers. Obviously we hope that some of the people who frequent those sites would also participate in and support the Foundation’s goals. If Auburn writers chose to endorse us or our platform, we would certainly consider that endorsement, but it is vital that we remain independent and not beholden to any outside entity.

12) What do you think about the Foundation continually being mentioned on radio shows like the Paul Finebaum Show?

A: We can’t control what happens on talk radio. We are amused at the level of venom directed at an organization whose exclusive purpose is to promote positives about Auburn.  What are those who try to attack and degrade the Foundation afraid of?  Are they scared that the world will find out that Auburn isn’t a massive cow pasture populated by booger eating, trailer-park living rednecks? Hate to burst their bubble, but the only people who view Auburn in that light are those fringe-of-the-fanbase callers. We believe that is a manifestation of their own insecurity and speaks far more to their state of mind than it does anything related to Auburn.  Our mission is often misconstrued on the Finebaum show, but we understand that a large part of what he does is played for laughs. And that’s fine.  It is sad just how far off base some of the callers (and hosts) have been about who we are and what we are trying to accomplish.

13)  Why hasn’t the Foundation come out against Shane or Legend or any of the other regular callers on Finebaum who have attacked Auburn and attacked the Foundation?

Who are Shane and Legend?  In the grand scheme of things, those two (and the others like them who call in to other radio shows) are about as relevant as used chewing gum.  What they say or think matters no more than any other internet troll yapping on some fringe message board.  Discussing them or the ill-informed opinions they offer isn’t what this Foundation is about and is, frankly, a waste of time.  For the record we have no affiliation with any of the alleged Auburn callers to those shows either. Their opinions are theirs and theirs alone.

14) Is this an anti-Alabama group?

Absolutely not.  Our only interest is in things that pertain to Auburn.  We have no interest at all in what happens in Tuscaloosa or with the University of Alabama or its athletic programs.  What they do has no direct bearing on Auburn.  This isn’t about Alabama at all. As we watched attack after baseless and unfair attack unfold since October, it was our collective decision that someone needed to tell the other side.  Auburn is a great university with an outstanding tradition of academic and athletic excellence. We felt it was important to provide Auburn people a place to celebrate our achievements and promote the truth. It is disappointing to watch local and national media take issues and portray them in a completely untruthful manner.  If you tell a lie long enough it becomes accepted as the truth.  Perception becomes reality.  When it came to some of the most egregious untruths and innuendo being spread, we felt it of vital importance to attempt to shine light on the falsehoods and question the rumor.  That’s what we’ve done.  That’s what we will continue to do.

15) What about those web sites that focus on tearing Auburn down?

Again, consider the source.  Sites like that are complete and total irrelevance veiled in a cloud of insecurity.  We’ve had some of the information from those types of sites forwarded to us and it’s really pretty pathetic.  Some of the information that’s been promoted there is so ridiculous that it’s hard to fathom anyone with a functioning brain cell could actually put any stock it.  It’s equally sad that grown men invest so much of their own self worth in the performance of a group of young men on Saturday that they would stoop to the level of vitriol and hate we’ve seen flowing from those dark, dirty corners of the Internet.  Like the Finebaum callers mentioned above, however, the people who frequent places like that are irrelevant and are best ignored.  Hysterical black helicopter babble from a meaningless website isn’t worth our time.

16) If the Foundation comes across information that is damaging to Alabama, will the foundation pursue that story, or does the foundation simply promote and protect Auburn without attacking other schools?

It’s not our place to be investigative reporters tracking down rumors about what goes on at Alabama (or any other school for that matter).  We are definitely not seeking that type of information. If for some unknown reason we became aware of legitimate transgressions, our response would most likely be to forward it to someone who is in that business.  But we are not an attack group bent on the destruction of any other school or program.  Our only interest is in Auburn.

17) What about Scott Moore?  Didn’t the Foundation attack him?

We attacked Scott Moore’s message and demanded that his employer hold him accountable for his actions. It wasn’t our place or our position to determine how the radio station responded. We are satisfied that WZZN looked into the situation and took appropriate action in regard to the comments Moore made as a representative of their interests.

18)   Would you like to see the foundation grow into something more than just promoting Auburn?  For example, would you like to see the foundation become the source for promoting fairness for all SEC teams?

That is not our purpose at this time.  It’s possible that the Foundation could expand to a more broader base at some time in the future, but our current focus is on Auburn only and on engaging as many of our fans, friends and alumni as possible.

19) Will you call for more boycotts?  Do you have any campaigns planned?

As a matter of record, we have only actively engaged in one official campaign and it wasn’t actually a boycott.  We asked interested parties to let the advertisers who helped support Scott Moore’s program on WZZN radio in Huntsville know that we as a collective group were disappointed and angry that he was being given a legitimate platform from which to spread what was, at best, disinformation. We wanted the people who supported that station to know what Moore was doing and let them know how we felt.  We have since expressed opinions on other issues including a distasteful presentation by Paul Finebaum at Birmingham Southern and the bias of an HBO special but those were not direct calls for action.  When we see something we feel is unfair, demeaning or derogatory, we intend to call out whoever is responsible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean initiating boycotts.  What people choose to do with the information we present is their own choice. Our primary focus is on promoting the positives.  If a situation arises where we believe Auburn is being unfairly targeted by someone in a position of influence or authority, we will respond appropriately.

20) What plans do you have for the Never to Yield Foundation site?

A lot of that is up to you.  Some have suggested that we incorporate a message board and we will certainly consider that.  The direction this site — and for that matter, our overall mission — takes will be largely driven by the feedback you give us.

BONUS)  What’s your favorite color?

One?  It’s impossible to choose one.  Burnt orange and navy blue are our favorites.  They complement each other perfectly.




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