The March 11 tsunami was devastating to many people and many families in Japan. It was devastating for us halfway across the world to watch and be able to do nothing to stop it. It was even more devastating for Auburn University Animal Nutrition Professor, Dr. Lee Chiba.

Dr. Chiba and his wife are from the area of Japan  hardest hit by the tsunami. Thankfully, all of his family has been accounted for.  While the safety of his family is a blessing, at least one of his sisters has lost everything.

There are so many families in Japan in need of support, but it would be a positive message for the Auburn Family to rally around one of our own in what is undoutably one of his family’s darkest times.

A relief account for the Chiba Family has been created to help them get back on their feet as best they can. As of now there are two ways those interested  can contribute:

Update: Thanks to all of you and your generous donations, Dr. Chiba was able to receive a check for $2000. While this doesn’t take away the devastation that the tsunami caused himself and his family. We hope that this will go towards rebuilding their lives.

Thanks again and War Eagle!

1) Visit any Wells Fargo branch across the country and ask to make a deposit into the “Chiba Family Relief Fund” in Auburn/Opelika.

2) Donate via paypal at LEECHIBAFUND@HOTMAIL.COM

Dr. Chiba’s Auburn University website is linked below so you can put a face to his name. Dr. Chiba well thought of by the students who are under his guidance. He is a favorite in the Animal Science Department and it hurts us to see the ones he loves in despair. Let’s show them the light that is the Auburn Family and make a difference for them today.