We at the Never to Yield Foundation want to make note of this date: October 12, 2011, also known as “see you later hater’s” day.

For those who may be unaware, one of the main reasons this foundation was started was to combat vitriol and lies spread thorough out the news media and via message boards that specifically targeted our beloved Auburn University.

Rumor and innuendo regarding Auburn and the recruitment of Cam Newton ran rampant from message boards to ESPN’s newscasts.

All the while Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs and Tiger head coach Gene Chizik steadfastly maintained the same thing: “we did nothing wrong”.

The NCAA agrees.

Yesterday, Jacobs got the letter that all of the Auburn family had been expecting.

NCAA Letter- After conducting more than 80 interviews, the NCAA has concluded its investigation into Auburn University. The NCAA enforcement staff is committed to a fair and thorough investigative process. As such, any allegations of major rules violations must meet a burden of proof, which is a higher standard than rampant public speculation online and in the media.

These findings only validate what the Never to Yield has said for months: Fact should always trump rumor.

We are very grateful that the NCAA has not only concluded its investigation into Auburn, but also that they reviewed all the facts and did not bend to rumor and speculation.

It is indeed a great day to be an Auburn Tiger. War Eagle!

You can read the full letter NCAA-letter-to-Jay-Jacobs-10-11-2011.


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