By now you’ve heard the claims made by WZZN radio host Scott Moore in an interview on WNSP radio in Mobile that Mississippi State booster John Bond has additional tapes which might implicate both Cam Newton and Auburn in the high profile recruitment case that led to Newton’s hours-long suspension and reinstatement in October.

Given the media salivation over every morsel related to Newton, you’d assume that every major outlet in the country would have pounced on this new information.  So far, the only sound you hear is crickets.


Moore’s claims are problematic and don’t pass the sniff test on numerous fronts.

1) To date the only person to claim there are recordings that have not been heard by the NCAA during its investigation of the recruitment of Cam Newton is Moore.  So far as can be ascertained, Bond has not made such a claim.

2) On several occasions in the past, Moore, a struggling radio host and avowed loyal Bama fan who aspires to become the Howard Stern of sports talk radio, has claimed during previous radio gigs to have damning recordings or other evidence and then failed to deliver.  He has no history of credibility in this respect.

3) Moore was recently released from a lengthy stay in jail and needs his new radio hosting slot at WZZN to succeed. There is no hotter topic than Cam Newton and to claim to be an insider and have new information would almost assuredly boost his listeners among the base he caters to.

4) Some of the information Moore claims as fact is patently false.  In the interview with WNSP, Moore says Auburn was advised by the NCAA to bench Newton prior to the Georgia game and refused to do so.  According to those with actual first-hand knowledge of the situation, this did not happen.

5) Assuming there are tapes — and who uses tapes anyway? — why would Bond withhold them from the NCAA during his extensive interview?  The only possible rational logic would be that the tapes contained information damaging to either Bond or Mississippi State. He would have had no interest in protecting anyone else.

6) Moore claims the tapes contain claims by Newton’s father that Auburn offered cash.  Even if there were tapes — and again, who uses tapes in this digital age — and even if that conversation did occur, it’s irrelevant.  Unless there is evidence of an offer from Auburn beyond that conversation, it has no veracity. Were there any such offer, wouldn’t it have been discovered before now?

7) Most damaging is the fact that the jackals who have feasted on Auburn since October have turned their collective noses up at this tidbit.  Those who have hurled boulders at Auburn over the course of the last six months have far more gravitas than Scott Moore.

Moore’s claims smack of a ratings ploy designed to get people to tune in to his show.   It seems to be a crass plea for attention, banking on the wattage of Newton in an effort to get his new show off the ground.

As Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky put it in his column today, Moore should put up or shut up.

Call WZZN and let them know you won’t be listening to Scott Moore’s show and why.

Call toll free outside of Birmigham at 1-866-551-9933 or contact the WZZN business office at (205) 879-3324.


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