Alabama beat writer Izzy Gould, representing the family of newspapers that make up at the NFL Combine, was unable to temper his Tide allegiance in an article he filed about former Auburn wide receiver and NFL draft prospect Darvin Adams and his NFL Combine interview.


Gould’s sensationalized article and the misleading headlne attached are a perfect example of yellow journalism as detailed in the post Lies, More Lies and HBO on this site.


In the article, Gould says that Adams was asked why Auburn did not hold a press conference to announce his intent to forego his senior season.  The question was almost assuredly asked by Gould himself and ignored the fact that neither Cam Newton or Nick Fairley held Auburn sponsored events to announce their intentions.  The line of questioning clearly indicates an agenda directed toward throwing stones at Auburn.


According to Gould, when asked if Auburn supported his decision, Adams responded ”Uh, yeah. I think so.”


The headline for the article paints a different picture. It reads:


NFL Scouting Combine: Darvin Adams ‘thinks’ Auburn supports him


Emphasis on the word ‘thinks” indicates that it is an untruth.


Having an Alabama beat writer subtly attempt to cast Auburn in a negative light and then to follow that with a misleading headline that suggests that Adams is foolish for thinking Auburn might support his decision is yellow journalism at its finest.


The article on the Adams interview is not Gould’s only offense, but it is his most egregious.  Compare and contrast his reports on Cam Newton, clearly the most intriguing player at the Combine, and his gushing filing on James Adams in which he slides in a subtle recruiting plug for Alabama’s style of offense or his effusive review of the results of Julio Jones workouts.


Contact Izzy Gould and let him know that Auburn fans do not appreciate his snide comments on Adams nor the tone of the article and its headline.


He can be reached at (of course).


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