Blogger offers pay to women who have "what he's looking for"

June 21, 2011 — Internet blogger and certified muckraker Brooks Melchior of Sports by Brooks fame (infamy?) built his site traffic at the outset by approaching random women on the street and soliciting them to appear in photos on his blog.

When he first stepped out onto the world wide web Brooks was characterized as “desperate to build traffic” and he was reduced to trolling the streets in Southern California looking for pretty girls. His intent was enticing them to provide free titillation to the pages of his site.

According to a 2008 article in LA Weekly, Melchior would approach busty strangers on the street, hand them a business card and attempt to cajole them into appearing at sports trivia events he hosted at bars.  These innocent young women would then be photographed and their likenesses (and cleavage) used on the pages of his website in a cheap effort to attract male readers to his TMZ-style, facts optional sports related musings.

In the LA Weekly piece, Melchior admits to a “close friendship” with the women he solicited and is accused of emitting a “warm vibe.”

Melchior, who studied photography at the University of Georgia and is completely blind to anything that could be construed as negative from the Silver Britches while he takes potshots at successful rival colleges in his blog, has since expanded the concept of walking the streets in search of attractive women to solicit.

He has now harnessed the power of the Internet to satisfy his need.

Under the auspices of Shots by Brooks Photography, Melchior openly advertises a search for women who “have what Brooks is looking for.”

Women who “have what Brooks is looking for” are offered cash and other enticements to travel to California to meet Brooks and be ogled by his lens.   Brooks claims to offer them “modeling opportunities.”  The site does not mention whether a “close personal friendship”  would be considered a fringe benefit.

A recent photographic audit by the Never to Yield Foundation of the 38 photos of young women in various stages of dress and undress posted on Sports by Brooks Photography reveals that none are famous or well known models. The quality and composition of the photos themselves is decidedly amateurish and hardly representative of what one would expect from a professional photographer.

Some of the girls in Melchior’s list appear more than once and have seemingly made attempts at disguising their identity, going so far as to be photographed with hair dyed different colors.

As last names were not provided, Never to Yield researchers were unable to contact the young women in question to ascertain what benefit they may have derived or expected from allowing Melchior to apply his hobby to their physique.

It is also unclear how many of the women solicited for his hobby site were paid or how much compensation they received.

Shockingly, some of these same women interacted with Melchior on Facebook, friending him or accepting his friendship request at some point prior or subsequent to him peering at them through his viewfinder.

Here is a list of all of the chicks pictured on Melchior’s official photography website:  Colene, Charity, Anyssa, Lisa, Ashley, Crystal, Natasha, Jenna, Denise, Fay, Kim, Kalia, Becky, Krissy and Leah.

Anyssa and Colene, who are represented a combined total of 14 times in the collection of 38 photos are not listed by those names among the 431 friends Melchior boasts on his personal Facebook page.


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