In response to a series of statewide interviews by former WZZN radio host Scott Moore in which he presented a number of conflicting claims, made unsubstantiated allegations about the Auburn football program and cast aspersions on the integrity of its players and coaches, the Never to Yield Foundation called on Auburn family and friends to make our voice heard.

It was.

Our goal was not to harm WZZN or Scott Moore. It was our stated mission to make both the station and its advertisers aware of Moore’s actions and to establish that his widely broadcast, and subsequently found to be largely baseless, rumor and innuendo was offensive to Auburn fans. To help accomplish that objective, we utilized a list of advertisers that was initially taken from the WZZN website. This list was continuously updated based on feedback we received from advertisers and from staff at WZZN who were aware of our campaign.

Our interaction with the advertisers was pleasant and professional. We appreciate the overwhelmingly positive response we received from those who were called or emailed in reference to the WZZN campaign.

What WZZN management chose to do in response to the situation was its own decision, one we trust was made in the best interests of the radio station and its listeners in the Huntsville area and beyond.

Since the station announced its lineup change a number of people on message boards and in chat rooms and other internet mediums have attempted to take credit for the unified voice the Never to Yield Foundation presented and/or claim to speak for the Never to Yield Foundation. We are grateful that our voice was heard and thankful for all who participated positively in getting our message out.

We do want to stress that contrary to some claims, no one outside of the  Never to Yield Foundation website or our Facebook page speaks for the Never to Yield Foundation. Any information regarding the Foundation, its objectives, its mission or its message will be found solely in those two places.

We invite the entire Auburn family to join us in celebrating the positives, and standing up against the negatives when the situation demands.

Finally, it is important to note that despite the tone and tenor with which this campaign was presented on message boards and blogs by those unaffiliated with our effort, the Scott Moore initiative had absolutely nothing to do with the University of Alabama or its fans. Our issue was with misleading and malicious statements that cast Auburn in an extremely negative light. Had Moore been a Nevada fan, a Temple fan, an Idaho fan or a South Dakota fan, our response would have been exactly the same.

We believe that when someone with a legitimate platform uses that platform to spread mistruths, to barter in ridiculous message board rumor or to fuel invective, that person and those who provide the platform should be held accountable. Had Moore merely been a message board poster spinning fantastic fables (and there are plenty of those) or had he simply been one of the fringe element callers to a radio show (and there are plenty of those as well) he would have been ignored. The fact that he used his standing as the host of a radio show to add legitimacy to shadowy rumor and innuendo was the issue at hand.

We are thankful to all of those who directly or indirectly supported our mission. We are grateful that you took the time to approach this situation in a positive and powerful manner. We hope that all Auburn fans, friends, alumni and family will join us in celebrating the greatness of the Auburn spirit and help us in standing up when Auburn people, programs and traditions are falsely attacked.

War Eagle.


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